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Although their primary focus has been to supply their immediate communities with much-needed food and supplies, the Nest Leads have been keeping a weather eye on the horizon for ways to build and grow as a community. With the help of our dedicated Nest Leads and volunteers, Burning Hearth successfully opened six Regional Nests across the western United States. A perfect start as we hope to elevate and empower makers and dreamers from all walks of life.

What they really want is to create a new home away from Home. A place to come together as a community. We want to support as many like-minded souls as possible, and all that starts with the cultivation of our individual communities. And as much as some might love for it to suddenly come to fruition, the truth is that dream begins with the individual cultivation of our Nests.


With so many essential workers complaining of sore ears from wearing masks all day, volunteering to create PPE was the least we can do to help our community. By the end of Summer 2020, our Maker Spaces managed to produce and donate over 1,900 articles of custom PPE to burners and essential workers from all walks of life.

Through patience and careful planning, Nest Leads like Alex Soria (SLO Nest) are working hard to prepare for the not-so-distant reality of welcoming creatives to join their community. From 3D printers to sewing machines, laser-cutters and carpentry supplies, to the primary task of supplying food and common goods to those in need, our Nest Leads are working to acquire whatever they can to furnish each of their future workshops and community pantries.

“Essentially, it’s just the practice of radical self-reliance," he said, rather pointedly. "Giving our community access to the tools, showing them how they’re used, and helping them bring their visions to reality.” He hopes to create a safe space where makers and dreamers might eventually gather to explore the art of creative self-expression.


This is just an example of what the Hearth hopes to do moving forward. By investing into each of their Regional Nests, the founders hope to encourage their team to take initiative, help each other, and contribute to the cause by riding this visionary wave to a better future.