Meet the Crew!

Burning Hearth is a non-profit organization created by burners for burners. A team of passionate board members and volunteers hoping to leave a positive impact on their communities.


Long before the pandemic postponed our ability to host public events, the ragtag crew of Burning Hearth stood ready and willing to Serve. If any of our fellow burners found themselves adrift on the Playa, we would do everything we could to find room for them at our camp.

Why would the "real world" be any different to us?

Board of Directors



Jack Rubinson


"I feel the Burning Man Fire like the many who want more and understand that it is the Us. Networked together, building our Community Nest by Nest, linked in service to and with each other first as we Participate to grow our reach and effectiveness.

We are driven to perfect our individual gifts to our tribe and our place."


Troy Morgan

"Vice Admiral"

Director of Regional Nests

& Reno Nest Lead

"When I heard that Burning Man was cancelled for 2020, I was wondering what I would be doing to support the principles of Burning Man this year.  Burning Hearth came along and asked if I would be a Reno Nest Leader and support my local burners with technology, food and events during these trying times.  Of course I said YES."


Secretary & 

East Bay Nest Lead

Hans Christensen

"I help breathe life into the admin world by keeping the files straight and documenting our processes, procedures, and projects. I keep the i's dotted and t's crossed."

Head of Finance

Chris Webb

"Chris P. Bacon"

"My job is to make sure we keep running in the black while making sure we can support the causes that mean the most to us and our hardworking volunteers equipped to enact our mission."


Interested in Becoming a Board Member?



Andrew Grundman

"I keep everyone on the legal straight and narrow and make sure nobody tries anything funny."

Nest Leads & Volunteers

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Dallas Nest Lead

Eve Walding


We couldn't ask for a more dedicated soul to helm the Dallas Nest. Going out of their way to connect and collaborate with local burners and fruit stand owners, Eve hopes to create a place where burners can gather, grow, and cultivate alternative sources for  fresh food together.


Denver Nest Lead

Ashley Carrigan


Ashley is a fireball of a human, and hopes to do everything they can to better their community in Denver, Colorado. Often going above and beyond to help burners in need, she hopes to create a lasting impact on the lives of others at every opportunity.


Logistics, Dallas Nest

Lemar Wuerth

"Attractive Nuisance"

When Ashley is busy making a difference in her city, Lemar is here to hold down the fort in Dallas. Offering food delivery and coordination citywide.


Networking & Logistics,

Reno Nest

Jeannie Morgan

"The Mermaid"

Often in charge of local networking and food distribution Reno, Tahoe, and Carson City, our Reno Nest would never be the same without The Mermaid standing faithfully at her Vice Admiral's side.